Terms and Conditions



1. Scope

These trading conditions rule the contractual relation between finishlineonline and the customer for the usage of the SMS service finishlineonline.com.finishlineonline  provides these services exclusively on the basis of these terms of service.

2. Contractual relationship

(1) The contractual relationship between the customer and finishlineonline for the use of the SMS service is the result of the customers application and the acceptance by finishlineonline to the actual tariffs. As far as nothing different was agreed, application is accepted tacitly by the contribution of the service.
(2) The contractual relationship can be terminated by both contracting parties at any time in written form (by E-Mail, fax or letter). The remaining SMS volume can be returned chargeable.
(3) The right for extraordinary termination of the contractual relationship remains unaffected.

3. Services of finishlineonline.

(1) The range of the contractual performances results out of the service specification of finishlineonline
(2) Transmitted contents are not subject to examination through finishlineonline
(3) finishlineonline itself the right to extend the services and to make improvements after the current technical state of the art and under keeping of the entitled interests of the customer.

4. Obligations of the customer

(1) The customer agrees to not use the SMS service to transmit contents which fulfill in particular the following conditions:
a) suitability to be interpreted as defaming, deceptive, misleading, insulting, displeasing, pornographic, glorifying violence, etc.;
b) Menace or disconcertion of third.
(2) The customer is obligated to use the finishlineonline services properly and only in the context of the legality. It is in particular obligated,
a) Not to abusively use access to finishlineonline services and to omit illegal actions;
b) To accommodate recognized principles of data security, especially to keep passwords secret etc., resp. to immediately arrange modifications, if the assumption exists that unauthorized thirds attained knowledge of this kind of access information;
c) To immediately report a recognizable lack or damage (failure report) and in the context of the reasonable make measures that one all measures meet, which facilitate and accelerate removal of the disturbance and enable an statement of the lack or damage and their causes to finishlineonline;
d) To immediately report each modification in the person of the customer, the name or the designation, under whom it led in the operating documents of finishlineonline.
e) finishlineonline offers the possibility of defining any Originator. If this feature is made available publicly, the customer is obligated to guarantee by appropriate authentication measures (E-Mail is not sufficient) that this feature is not abused. If a customer misses this, account can be closed or the Originator is adjusted to a fixed value by finishlineonline.
f) finishlineonline reserves itself the right to check self-defined originators at random base to detect misuse (e.g.. Advertising for premium rate numbers).

5. Suspension of the SMS service

(1) finishlineonline reserves itself the right to lock the service if the customer uses the service abusively, in particular in the sense of 4. And/or offends against valid right.
(2) For the own security of the customer finishlineonline will lock the service, if the assumption is justified that the service is abusively used.

6. Responsibility of finishlineonline

(1) The responsibility for rough negligence is limited to the damage usually predictable in such cases. Responsibility and compensations are limited to the height of the order value.
(2) In case of failures of services because of disturbances outside of the area of finishlineonline ‘s responsibility, finishlineonline does not reimburse any values.
(3) finishlineonline does not assume liability for the compatibility of the finishlineonline application with data, programs, configurations etc. of the customer. In particular finishlineonline does not incur any expenses, remuneration, expenditures or uses for the integration or missed integration of finishlineonline
This covers in particular – however not exclusive – also the expenditure of time of the customer and/or its assigned ones.

7. Responsibility of the customer

(1) The customer is responsible for all consequences and disadvantages for finishlineonline and third parties, which are the result of the abusive or illegal use of the SMS service (in particular with offence against 4.) or the result of that the customer does not follow his other responsibilities and has to represent this.
(2) The customer keeps finishlineonline free from any third party claims, which are demanded because of the culpable violation of the rights of third parties by the customer or because of the customers behavior contrary to the terms of the agreement or by the customer breaking the law.

8. Terms of payment

(1) The payment of the SMS service takes place in advance, as far as not agreed differently.
(2) It is a prepaid operation
(3) Price adjustments: If finishlineonline receives knowledge about such a price adjustments afterwards, possible extra costs can be charged also retroactively to the customer.

9. Privacy

(1) Personal data, that is raised in the context of the use of the SMS service, is raised and protected according to the relevant regulations of the federal privacy law. Employees of finishlineonline, who handle personal data, are obligated on privacy.
(2) As far as finishlineonline uses the help of third parties to provide its services, finishlineonline is, in the context of the relevant privacy regulations, fully justified to transmitting the inventory data if this is necessary for the assurance of the operation and the interests worth to protect of the customer are not impaired.

10. Rights of use

(1) All copyrights and rights of use, which are located in the property of finishlineonline, remain reserved to finishlineonline.
(2) Copying and modifying, circulation and publication or other use of all service contents by the customer or by third parties, if it has to be represented by the customer, is forbidden, if it was not explicitly approved by finishlineonline in written form.
(3) The customer commits itself further to spread only such contents for which the customer has the appropriate rights of use.

11. Final provisions

If one or more regulations of these terms of service should be ineffective, then this does not involve the inefficacy of the entire contract. The ineffective regulation is replaced by the relevant legal regulation.